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  A total of 170 companies from Germany will attend the first China International Import Expo (CIIE).


  Germany was confirmed as one of the 12 guests of honor of the expo in July.

  The expo, which will be held in Shanghai from Nov. 5 to 10, has attracted 2,800 companies as exhibitors from over 130 countries and regions. Among them, there are 170 companies from Germany, mainly in the of , manufacturing, , chemical industry, equipment and food and , which are Germany's strengths, according to Pohl.

  "We've heard that more than 150,000 domestic and international buyers are expected to attend the expo, which doesn't happen often," said Pohl. "So CIIE has received a warm response from the German business community, as they would like to establish closer business contacts with Chinese companies."

  "For the German and other foreign companies that are already in the Chinese market, CIIE is a great opportunity to deepen business ties between the German and Chinese sides," Pohl . "For the newcomers entering the Chinese market, CIIE is a starting point for them to learn about and experience the market."


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