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  Samsung Electronics has said it expects its profit for the first three months of the year to almost double as its smartphone sales continue to grow.

  三星电子宣布, 由于智能手机销量持续增长,今年第一季度利润几乎翻番。

  The company said it expects an operating profit 5.8tn won (.1bn; £3.2bn) for the period.

  The success of Samsung's range has seen it become the world's biggest-selling smartphone .

  said the firm had benefited from keeping its healthy, despite growing competition.

  "There was a big surprise in profit, while revenue was in line, which suggests a stronger-than-expected profit from the handset division thanks to sales of high-end models like the Galaxy S and Note," said Choi D-Yeon of LIG Investment & Securities.

  "Handset margins are estimated to have topped 20% and profits from the division also topped 4tn won."

  The company will release its full report on 27 April.

  Further growth?

  While Samsung's phone unit has , other divisions, including memory chip manufacturing, have been going through a tough time.

  Prices for memory chips have been falling globally, not least due to .

  Analysts said that natural disasters last year in Japan and Thailand had resulted in a fall in production of various electronics products, which use these chips, resulting in high levels putting pressure on prices.

  At the same time, slowing demand from key markets such as the US and Europe hurt chipmakers.

  However, analysts said that as the global economy recovers and supply chains in the region get back on track, chip prices were likely to recover, boosting Samsung's profits further.

  "With memory chip prices rising, chips will play a big part in second quarter profits," said Kim Sung-in, a chip with Kiwoom Securities.

  "Expectations for operating profit will reach somewhere between 6.5tn to 7.5tn won."


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